Progress in the
Penal System (PIPS)

1.6 PIPS as an accountability mechanism (2019)

Given the current gaps in accountability structures in the penal system, particularly regarding the prison system, PIPS is itself a central mechanism to identify issues related to accountability in our penal system. Furthermore, PIPS has a strong focus in the area of oversight, with thematic issues such as the complaints system, investigations into deaths in custody and inspection mechanisms all highlighted.

Alongside PIPS, IPRT continues to campaign for improved oversight of Ireland’s prison system. Our goal is that by 2022, Ireland’s independent systems of prison monitoring and inspection will be functioning well, with regular reporting on Ireland’s prison system, and that a culture of progress, best practice and human rights will be entrenched. Until then, PIPS will continue to provide a focal point for public scrutiny, ultimately acting as a catalyst for continuous improvement.

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